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three HBP photos

I really don't like movie!Narcissa. Narcissa should be graceful and elegant, a beautiful woman that gives off an icy and arrogant attitude. This lady is more like...Cruella DeVille, I'm not fond of it :\

I'm not sure if I like this Fenrir yet. I love the contacts and I'm glad they got him hairy but I dunno...maybe it's the nose. Eh, I'll look again tomorrow, I might make up my mind :P

Tom Riddle though...I approve! Tom Riddle, to me, is scarier then Lord Voldiecakes. Tom is sinister behind a charming mask (or in this case, a cute little kid). It helps that this boy looks like Christian Coulson of Chamber of Secrets fame :3

Elder Tom Riddle approves of the ickle Riddle.

Photos from hbpmoviepics

Er, I've heard that they sell $100 signed playbills and posters for Equus. I hope to refrain when I'm there but...I might lose that battle. Must refrain!
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