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Craig Ferguson has been doing this a few times the last two weeks and it never ever gets old!
John McCain reminds Craig of somebody. Every time he shows that I laugh, every flipping time xDDD

6 more days until the election and 21 days until Equus! It's been snowing early in certain eastern states. I was looking forward to Central Park in Autumn but who knows if I'll get it. I tell you though, if I can't have the beautiful leaves of Central Park I better have something! I don't want to go to NYC and the leaves all off the trees due to the cold. If I have that, I want some snow to make up for it! Snow <3

House was a good episode...not as good as last week's but still enjoyable! The House\Cuddy people are probably squeeing. Although I don't mind that pairing and I can see it happening, my OTP is House\Wilson (gotta love that slash, lolz)
Tags: craig ferguson, fangirl squee!!!, house, nyc, youtube fun!!!

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