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I'm still sick. I've been sick from last Friday. I thought I was getting better yesterday but I'm feeling worse today. Eh, mom's picking me up cough syrup. All I can do is drink lots of tea and juice, rest, and take some meds. It's not a big deal, it's just an inconvenience.

Anyway, my little Canon camera is crippled. It's flash is dead, well, almost dead actually. Whenever I take a picture with flash it gives off a noxious odor, not normal! I took it in to get looked at and I may as well get a new camera then fix it! I'll keep this camera obviously and use it for shots that don't require flash. I've been researching the new Canon cameras, what can I say; I'm a Canon slut. I was planning on getting a very simple point+click but when have I ever been simple with electronic toys? These new point+clicks have some awesome new features! One is Face Recognition and after reading about it I know that I must have it when I choose a camera.
Right now I'm debating between the Powershot SD890 and the Powershot SD950. Well, there's also the Powershot G10 but I have a Rebel XTI and don't really need this bad boy. I'm leaning towards the SD890, it seems like a better camera to me. I'll go to BelAir Camera tomorrow if I'm feeling a little better and look at them both in person. It's all well and good to see them online but I like to get acquainted with future cameras.

I need to look at some more but so far those two models are great. I'll happily take suggestions on any higher end point+click Canon's. If not Canon then Nikon, those are my two brands (though I'd be happy just having Canon).

27 days until Equus
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