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It's only 11:30!?

A quick "list" update.

+Clementine tangerines are in season. This is the one time of year that I can guarantee that I will lose weight since that's all I basically live on. I have three boxes and I just ate seven!
+My best friend Monique (Monsie!) met her goal for the money she needed, that makes me very happy.
+1 month and 2 days until Equus!
+My car is as good as new, I missed my Millennium Falcon!
+I'm seeing The Remus Lupins and Ministry Of Magic Sunday! They're my two favorite wizard wrock groups so I'm super excited!
+I lose 10 pounds
+I finally got World of Warcraft on the laptop, I can play it now. I'll wait until after I talk to my friends that have WoW before I go further.
-I still haven't had closure on the car accident. The lady's insurance called but didn't answer when I called back. Hopefully I'll get ahold of them later today.
-I haven't talked to Ben in a long time. He's looking into Harvard and Yale now instead of UCLA. That's fine, it's his life and education so I'm not bitter over that. I also understand he's busy, being a HS senior in honors but I am bitter that he can go on for weeks about a concert and talking back and forth with people for the concert but he can't take one damn minute to reply to a message I send him. I'm not asking for a leg, just one minute to catch up. Is that so much? Yeah, I'm mad -.-
-Spencer's being a shithead. He is so angry about the cat that he's taking it out on everybody.
-I haven't heard from the Birthright Israel people, I am so worried I won't be accepted.

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