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No on 8 and No on 4, spread the word!

I know not many of you live in CA and these bills are for our state but it's always good to spread the word...

For those of you that don't know what Prop 4 & 8 are here's a rundown which I copy\pasted from FeministCampus

Prop 4
This fall, California voters will be asked to amend the state constitution to ban abortions for young women under 18 unless their parents are notified. California voters defeated two previous attempts to pass a similar law in 2005 & 2006. However, polls show that Prop 4 will be even harder to defeat this year because of its more deceptive language. Prop 4 is intrusive, dangerous and misleading.
Prop 4 Endangers Young Women’s Lives & Allows Government Intrusion into a Private Decision

In states where these kinds of laws are enforced, desperate young women – forced to seek back-alley abortions – have been injured. Some have even died.

Prop. 4 would amend the California State Constitution to:

* Ban abortions for young women (under 18) unless her parents are notified in writing by the physician.
* Mandate a 48-hour waiting period after a young woman’s parents are notified she is seeking an abortion, which would delay and obstruct access to timely professional advice and medical care.
* Force a young woman who is already a victim of rape, incest or family violence, to officially report a crime and/or officially report her family to the police if wants to notify another adult family member other than her parents. Many victims will not come forward for critical medical treatment if they are forced to report the crime.
* Force a young woman to go before a judge in a court of law – who may oppose abortion -- to determine if she is ‘mature’ enough to deserve a safe, legal abortion without notifying her parents. The judicial bypass process is detrimental to a woman’s health, because it further delays access to medical treatment, which increases the risk of complications from delayed or second-trimester procedures.
* Make it a CRIME to falsify information in order for a young woman to obtain a safe and legal abortion without notifying a parent.
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Prop 8
If passed, Prop 8 would amend the California State Constitution to take away the right of same-gender couples to marry.
Prop 8 would take away Marriage Equality in California
The right to marry the person you love is a fundamental civil right. Proposition 8 would take away this fundamental freedom from same-gender couples.

* Prop 8 would eliminate fairness and equality in California and restrict access to one of the most basic of all civil rights – the right to determine who you marry.
* It’s hard to believe, but it was just twenty years ago that the United States Supreme Court finally struck down all bans on interracial marriage
(Loving v. Virginia, 388 U.S. 1 (1967)).
* This year, in another historic decision, the California Supreme Court struck down a state ban on same-gender marriage.
* Now that California is a safe -haven for Marriage Equality in this country, we won’t go back!


If you want to make a donation or read up on these propositions you can find them below. You don't have to live in California to care about these measures!
No on Prop 8
No on Prop 4

I'll be going to a MoveOn party this Sunday. It's an anti-Palin party more then an anti-McCain party. We'll be getting together and calling voters in swing states to promote Senator Obama. We'll also be watching the SNL skits.
Then Sunday night I'm going to a Wizard Wrock show!

So how many political posts have I done this week? :P
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