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Political lies and trash talk

According to a poll my mom saw Obama fell behind McCain 12 points. Why? Republicans are calling key state voters and exaggerating the "relationship" Obama has with Ayers. Wednesday Obama clearly spoke of his connection with Ayers but Republicans are still using it as a scare tactic and it appears to have worked!
I can't find this poll online so I haven't seen it myself and who knows how accurate it is. I also found out that Republicans are looking for typos on voter registration forms,threatening to challenge homeowners facing foreclosure, and falsely warning that voters with outstanding traffic tickets may be arrested if they go to the polls. Again, I don't know how true this is but if it is true then Obama supporters have to get in gear and counterattack these lies and threats!
This Sunday I'll be going to an Obama party with my cell, me and countless others will be calling key state voters and telling them the truth about Obama and Ayers and why he should be our next president.

Let's stop these lies and bring Obama back to the front!

It seems my mom heard it wrong :P
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