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I named the little kitten that I got last week, her name is Minerva. That name just grabbed me and wouldn't let go! She's had diarrhea the last few days so the vet wrote her a prescription to help clear that up. Other then that she's settling in rather well. She likes to play on the couch, she's rambunctious (I forgot how nuts little kittens were!). She's met the cats, my big guy Spencer hisses at her and is throwing a fit but I've been reassuring him so I hope he gets over it. Zoe hissed once and that was it, her fur didn't even puff up. She saw my great dane Heidi from a distance a few times and when Heidi came close she would hiss and swipe at the dog, Heidi knows her place. Today was the first time that Heidi and Minerva shared the couch though and when she finally noticed the dog was there she hissed at poor Heidi, who proceeded to hide her head under a pillow. My brave dog :)


Hiding under some pillows


Little predator


Haha, Heidi is afraid of little Minerva!

Staring the dog down...

Minerva wins!
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