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walking with dinos!

Walking With Dinosaurs was amazing! It was geared towards kids more then I liked so I knew everything...but it made me feel smart so that's alright! The dinosaurs were absoultely amazing, full size and very life like! The brachiosaurs and the t-rex...WOW!

They were allowing cameras without flash but I'm used to these places taking my cameras so I didn't bother to take one! I took these photos with my phone...

Two Brachiosaurs!

Allosaurus and Brachiosaurs!!

Allosaurus and Stegosaurus! I loved the foliage

The Cretaceous, blooming flowers develop!

Utahraptors! These were awesome, basically guys in dino suits!

Same guys!

Two Torasaur males

An Ankylosaur and baby T-Rex

T-Rex mama, Ankylosaur, and Torasaur.

Chasing away Torosaurus! The little one is the baby T-Rex.

A T-Rex and on the movie screen is a comet heading towards Earth! Poor T-Rex

I shall post more letter memes later today, I never realized how hard it was to come up with things I like that start with B!
Tags: dinos, i'm a nerd, my photos, squee!!!
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