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The Sara Trap!

I didn't want to mention this yesterday until it was all settled but now that it is, I can post about it!

Yesterday I walked into a parent trap, or a Sara Trap. I was doing some random stuff in the house when the doorbell rang. I answered it and it was the neighbor's daughters. The eldest Katie said "Sara we have a big problem" and it was then that I looked down and saw it.

Yes ladies and gentlemen, she was holding a wee fuzzy kitten.

It seems that my neighbor's co-worker heard noises coming from the hood of her car after driving from home to work! The wee little kitty was in or near the engine of her moving car, poor thing's lucky to be alive! I've heard that's common actually, probably have to do with warmth and the fact that it's away from the elements.
My neighbor's husband wanted to take it to the pound and though it's more likely for a little thing to get adopted then an adult I didn't want to risk it not finding a home. Plus if she found a home, that would be one less home for an older kitty who deserves a pet human just as much! So what else could I do but take her?
We have a crate in the tv room that I cleaned up and put her in. She's about five weeks old but thankfully she's eating wet food and using the litter box so that's one less hurdle I'd have to jump over. I took her to the vet today and she's negative for FIV and F. Leukimia so we can keep her. They don't think she has worms but they treated her anyway and she's too young for Advantage, Frontline, or CapStar so we have to wait on that. She was loaded with fleas though so they gave her a bath. While wating I went to the nearby pet store where a friend works and picked up some supplies (for kitten as well as the other cats and the dog). Then I picked her up and she's back in the crate and she's clean now! She's a little brown tabby girl. I originally thought she was a boy and had all these great names on a list, I'll have to think of girl names now!

More pictures! These are from last night before she got cleaned, I'll take more photos of her later.

Dirty girl! She was caked in grease, oil, flea dirt, and normal dirt. I didn't care though, I still held her and pet her. I tried to wash some of it off but it didn't really help.

She's adorable! She has white rings on her eyes like she's wearing glasses, a white chin patch like a beard, and socks! If she were a boy that would soooo be Albus Dumbledore! Glasses+beard+socks!?

It'll be interesting how Spencer handles this! Eh, he was alright with Neville after a few weeks. As long as he knows that I still belong to him it'll be fine.
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