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a little of this and a little of that

Where do I even start? I have quite a few things to post about but I have no idea where to start.

I guess I can start on what I'm currently fretting about; New York City. I still haven't gotten my flight and I'm changing hotels. I have that hotel in case I can't find another but I was told it's in a really bad area of the Bronx and I'd rather not stay there. I'm looking for a decently priced hotel near Times Square. I plan on seeing a couple of shows and want to be fairly close. I plan on seeing Equus of course but I might also go see Spamalot and Les Miserables, I also want to skulk around the Broadhurst Theatre around when Equus ends, lurk around the stage door ;D
I might go to a museum and Ellis Island but I've been to various NYC museums and the Island before so if I don't get there it's alright.
I can't really book a hotel room until I find out from my friend her plans when she joins me, so that's been making me twitchy too. I hope to have a room and flight booked by Tuesday though.
I did see a hotel three blocks from Time Square for $280 a night for two beds, that looks promising.

My sister-in-law is pregnant again, I might have already mentioned this. She went to the doctor and we now know she's going to have a girl. Okay :P

I rejoined OKCupid a few weeks ago and met two guys on there. They both live a hour from me which sucks but whatever. One of them is a total geek and proud of it. He goes to ComicCon, he dresses up for events, and he reads fanfiction. He also fences, likes to dress up in suits, likes the same music I do, and would rather go to a swing club then a loud night club.
The other guy is a software programmer, is "more Jewish" then the other, isn't really a geek, and is only tolerable of animals. He's nice though, he's easy to talk to. Well, both are actually but in reality I'm leaning towards the first guy, we just have a lot in common. I'll meet them both though, see what happens. I can see myself easily being good friends with them both.

Next week I'm seeing Walking With Dinosaurs Live, I'm so freaking excited! I'll probably cry when some of those dinos come out, those things look so real and they are life sized! Insane! *insert obligatory dinosaur fangirl spazz*

I am addicted to Spore and I find that half the fun of the whole game is just creating the animals! I'm also very excited for The Sims 3! I picked up Star Wars: The Force Unleashed yesterday and have high hopes for it. Other games I'm excited for:
Silent Hill: Homecoming
Resident Evil 5
Dead Space
God of War
There's a few more but I'm blanking on the titles, lame!

I have some more photos to share this weekend, so keep an eye out for that. I also need to replace my little Canon PowerShot pretty soon but it's not an urgent matter.

The controversy with the Clinton\Palin skit on SNL makes me lolz. Nothing is sacred to SNL and they'll spoofed elections and political figures before, why should Palin be any different? Oh yeah, it's sexist! Oh please :P

I haven't heard back from the people at Birthright Israel, I'm very worried I won't be accepted for this Winter.
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