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Alaska photos!

I promised somebody I would get some photos up and I'm sticking to that! It's weird, I usually go nuts trying to share my photos with you but I've been crazy busy so I haven't been able to.
A real update to come fairly soon but for now here's a few photos from Alaska!
A view from space
A very interesting map. This map shows the glaciers receding since the Bay was first discovered. You can see that in the 1700s the glacier went all the way to the end of the Bay and by today it's very far back into the mountains, carving the fjords you see on the map.

You are now entering Glacier Bay.

These were all taken in Glacier Bay.

I don't think this counts as an iceberg since it wasn't that big. It's definitely ice though and check out the neat stripes, that's sediment from the glacier :)

A bigger chunk, you can tell we're getting close! But what do we see before the glaciers?

Harbor seals staring at the ship! I was on the forward side of the ship so we were heading towards them, they eventually wiggled off the ice.

More harbor seals, aren't they cute little sausages?

It got kinda smelly when we got amidst all those seals. :P

This is the first big glacier we saw in Glacier Bay; the John Hopkins Glacier.

Ice-y points of doom! Those look mighty sharp.

Part of the John Hopkins Glacier, I thought the stripes were very cool.

This is an awesome ice carved carved from glacial runoff. The cave is actually part of the glacier, you can tell since it's an ice cave. This glacier isn't like the Marjorie or John Hancock. Those are tidewater glaciers, a glacier that ends at the water.

Another shot of it. I believe the cave is the ending of that glacier. If so, it's a retreating glacier. It's either retreating naturally (they do that) or it's from global warming.

This would be a perfect shot if it weren't for the ship's cables. Ah well, it's still nice.

Yes I was obsessed with that ice cave, it was gorgeous!

This is a 'hanging glacier', it kinda just looms over the mountain. You can also see glacial runoff forming waterfalls.

Such intense blue!

Marjorie Glacier, the most active glacier in the park. I saw it calve a bunch of times! A glacier calving means it's breaking off ice, making icebergs and ice flows :)

Another angle. By the way, the photos of Marjorie Glacier were taken from our personal balcony :P

A full shot of Marjorie Glacier.

Leaving the glaciers behind! Yes the water was that color!

Okay, bed time!
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