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Another political rant, this one is long and some of you might not want to read it.

This election is really bringing the worst out of me. I was so optimistic originally but no more. I have a bad feeling in my gut that we will lose and we will have four more years of the same...or worse.
Originally I was involved and rational with this election but since Palin jumped on the McCain train and I learned just how awful this woman is, it gets me angry and yes, irrational at times.

These aren't meant to offend, these are my views and I'm entitled to them. I tried to write in such a way that I will not offend but if I do, I apologize in advance.

Oh, and when I rant I don't use the best punctuation ;)

~She is 100% against abortion, even in the case of rape and incest. You all know I'm very pro choice but that's not why this is an issue for me. What the issue for me is her being so adamant with her pro-life ways that she doesn't even approve of it in the cases I mentioned. It's the woman's choice 100% and I know I for one couldn't think of how I'd handle getting raped and then finding out I was carrying my rapist's child. I don't know how I could handle it but I'm thankful that I would have the option of aborting if I chose to. Just because somebody is pro-choice doesn't automatically mean they will abort. I'm pro-choice but I might decide not to abort if I got pregnant and didn't want children. I might put the child up for adoption or I might decide that I do want the baby. That's not the point is it? No, the point is I have the right to choose what to do with the embryo in my body, there's a reason there's a limit to how far along you can be for a legal abortion!
~She wants to drill drill drill in Alaska with no limits. Alaska is precious, it is a fragile ecosystem and drilling without constraint will destroy that beautiful state.
~She doesn't think that people play any role in global warming. Er, wha?! No comment needed beyond that :B
~Something I learned today. She wants to "reform" this country into a God fearing country. Never mind the fact that we are supposed to keep church and state separate. Never mind the fact that she means a Christian god and not everybody is Christian. Never mind the fact that not everybody believes in a god! I mean no disrespect at all to Christians and people who believe in a god. I think it's wonderful for those of you that do. Just because I don't believe in a god doesn't mean I don't respect your choice to believe. No, it's nothing against that. What I find offensive is that she completely forgets the Americans who aren't Christian and don't believe in god. What about Jews? Muslims? Buddhists? What about atheists and agnostic people? Are we going to be shunned because we don't believe in a higher power?
~Palin wanted to ban a great number of books from libraries in Wasilla, AK. I took a survey recently that asked me what I found most offensive; book burning of flag burning. I don't like either of them but for me, book burning is more offensive. Sometimes people burn flags to make points about the government. There is no point to book burning. That's not to say I would burn a flag, I absolutely hate seeing footage of somebody burning Old Glory because despite the fact that I am a liberal Democrat, I am a patriot! Book burning though, it boils my blood.

If Palin has her way I would be shunned. If Palin has her way there would be no limit to drilling in Alaska, you would soon see many species wiped out from loss of habitat. If Palin has her way Roe Vs. Wade would be overturned. Yes, I know that McCain is the one running, but he's old. What if he is elected and dies in office? With McCain it would be four more years of the same. With Palin it would be worse and for me to say that there is somebody worse then Bush, for me to say that? That's saying something! I know that the President has to go through red tape and nets to get certain things passed, but it can be done! Look at how much Bush has trashed this country? If he can do it McCain\Palin can do it. It makes me nauseous and very afraid.

Another thing that really boils my blood? Democrats that are voting for McCain because he has a running mate with breasts. Because that's what it comes down to in my opinion, breasts. I know people who do not have the same values and beliefs of McCain or Palin but are voting for him because of Palin. I have had people call me a self hating woman because I am not voting for the party with a woman VP. No, I actually find it sexist. To vote for a candidate because he has a woman VP? It is sexist in it's own way. Just because we would have a woman as the second highest official in the land is no reason to vote for a party! I've said it before and I'll say it again, if you share the same beliefs that McCain\Palin support then yes, vote for him. But if you are a Democrat (or an Independent) and vote for McCain just because Palin is a woman, that really upsets me. Especially the Hillary supporters. I've bitched about that quite a lot here but since this is basically a political whining post, I'll mention it again! It is a slap in the face to Hillary if you vote for McCain just because of Palin. Vote for somebody based on their ideals and their goals for a country! I'm not voting for Obama because he's black, I'm voting for him because I believe in the changes he wants to bring to this country. I actually prefer Hillary, only because I know her a lot more then I know Obama. I know her background and I know her history in politics. I am voting for Obama though because even though I can't have Hillary, I do believe in Obama.

Lastly, if McCain is elected then we will only have four more years of this country going down the crapper. After four years, Hillary will run again and I know in my heart that she would win that. Let's hope it doesn't' come to that though, let's hope that Obama gets it in November!

Wow, I wrote more then I was planning on! Again, I apologize if I offended some of you. I know there's some friends on here that don't share my political ideas but I tried to write my rant in such a way that I didn't come off as a heartless bitch. You guys know me, I'm a hippie and I'm open minded!

Also, should I make a political f-list filter? I know some of you don't care about politics or even about my political ideals. I know that when I read a post that has an lj cut saying that it goes against what I believe in, I read it. Then I get angry even though there was a disclaimer. I'd rather not deal with that, so should I make a filter? If so, who wants to be on it? It would be a filter for liberals mostly but if you're a conservative that can read what I wrote and not get offended, you're welcome to be on the filter! I hate hurting people's feelings, I absolutely hate it. If I hurt somebody's feelings I tend to just hold on to that for hours, days, and even weeks. I have to express myself though. This is the one place I can really express myself without censoring and I will use this outlet.

Okay, end babble!

PS--Perfect song eh?
Tags: election 2008, fuck you palin, obama 08', politics, put my bitch hat on, rant
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