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A rant :D

A post from Joe Klein about John McCain and the comments that follow
A very good read if you're against McCain and his smear campaign (or against him in general).

This situation with Palin is absolutely disgusting. I know some Democrats who are voting for her for various reasons, reasons that make me think "are you sure you're a Democrat?"
~One man thinks she has nice legs
~My mother's best friend is voting for her because "she's a hockey mom and so am I!"
~Also because she's a racist. She said "I will not vote for a black man"
This same woman also thinks that the only good Arab is a dead Arab. Stop being a Democrat, change to a Republican because your views are so NOT the way of the donkey!

I don't give a crap if you vote for McCain\Palin. Well, I do care since I will be absolutely miserable if those two get into office but if you are a Republican voting for them, that's one thing! To be a Democrat and vote for them for the most innane reasons, now that makes my blood boil! The Hillary supporters that were so butthurt that they are going to vote for him because of a woman VP. It's a slap in the face to Hillary and it's, yes I'll say it, sexist. To vote for a man who doesn't share your values and your morals just because his VP has breasts is sexist. This woman is going set back the women's movement 50 years and you so called liberals are going to vote for her? You women that are very pro-choice are going to vote for a man who's VP is extremely pro-life, even in the face of rape and incest!? I'm sorry but are you high!?
It really really angers me. It also angers me for those of you that don't give a shit about the election, don't vote, and then bitch about the President. You had your chance to vote and you didn't, so don't come crying to me about how the current President is making your life miserable. I would love if all people were interested in the election, or even registered! It's not going to happen though I accept it. Some people very dear to me don't care about the election at all and I love them the same. It saddens me but that's their choice.

Also, it's really upsetting that Biden is going to be very careful during the debates. It's all well and good for Palin to say anything to Biden, she's entitled to because she's a woman but Biden is going to have to be super careful or he'll come off as sexist. It sucks :(

Yes I'm having a mood swing while typing this ;)
Tags: election 2008, fuck you palin, liberal, obama 08', put my bitch hat on, stupid people
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