Agent 27 (witherwings7) wrote,
Agent 27

Whale watching!

Not doing a big post since I'm about to go to a show (a Newlyweds game, fun!) but I got three photos on my lj scrapbook. I can't get anything uploading to Photobucket so there are no alters to these photos besides resizing.
I can't upload photos from my large camera, these are from my little point and click.
I might try to get a handful of photos from the rest of my trip up tomorrow. Be prepared for some big arse posts in the coming weeks!

Hay thar! She was swimming alongside the boat, curious girl!

Large photo of a humpback's spout!

A bald eagle!
Nice and blurry, the bigger camera might have gotten a better photo :)

I watched a bit of the Republic National Convention. Hey, I might be a far left wing but I always watch what the other side is saying. It usually pisses me off and tonight was no exception, so many things made me angry. That's for another post though.
Tags: alaska 2008, election 2008, photos, politics
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