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It's so cold

I'm typing from the internet cafe here on the cruise ship. I'm loving it so far!

The plane ride up was fairly nice, not that much turbulance. We flew over the Mammoth Lakes area in California and I took lots of pictures of dormant volcanoes. Very cool!
We flew over Crater Lake, it was actually sooner then I expected! Then we flew over what I think was Eugene and for sure Portland, OR.
The other side of the plane had views of Mt. St. Helens but I took a photo from across the way. After that it got really cloudy until mid British Columbia where I saw many nice little islands. Then we entered Alaska! As we were descending I saw not one, not two, not three but four glaciers! I took photos of course and I was popping with excitment inside! I made some friends with some people on the flight that are also on the cruise!

After we landed we checked into the hotel in Anchorage and walked around the city. It's so lovely! To me it's a cross of San Francisco, Eugene (OR), and coastal Washington. I think I'd be happy living in Anchorage, especially in the summer! It was a lovely 60something degrees.
The next day we had a nice breakfast in the local cafe (hot almond chocolate=sex). Then we headed to the Princess Cruises building and waited to board the tour bus to take us to Whittier, a little over a hour away. We took the Seward Highway, the most scenic in the state.
*lolz at McCain's VP*
I checked her out and omg!
~Anti-choice even in cases of rape and incest
~Supports offshore drilling
~Sued the Bush Admin. for putting polar bears on the endangered species list, which limited drilling in Alaska (or tried to sue, I of the only good things that man has done!)
~Super conservative and religious
And did I mention only a year and a half as the Governonr of AK and before that the mayor of a small town? How is this experience for VP? McCain talks about Obama's inexperience and then he appoints this woman? Pot.Kettle.
Oh well, enough politics!

The drive to Whittier was nice, went along Cook Inlet and some rivers. We saw some more glaciers and went through a tunnel that goes right through a mountain! Two miles of tunnel carved into solid granit. Both trains and cars use the same road, any wider and it would have destabilized the tunnel.

We boarded the Princess Sapphire around 2:30 and after putting our stuff in the room we walked around. Around 8 there was an emergancy drill. All cruise lines have this because it's the law. They sounded the alarm and we went to the "Muster Station" (a place where a group waits for instructions).
A cute guy from Stratford-Upon-Avon was our director and after listening to the procedures we put on life vests.

After that we had dinner, was yummy! During dinner the ship disembarked (9:30, still a little light out).
After that we went to a show. Music and entertainment, it was fun! Browsing the shops was next and after that we had drinks in one of the many bars. While drinking Irish coffee we listened to the orcestra play beautiufl music.

Then it was back to the room! I got to sleep around 1am and woke up at 5:45 this morning. I left mom in the room and went to the deck in a sweater and with my camera bag on my shoulder. The ship was slowly going around the College Fjord, so many glaciers and sea ice! I stayed there for about two hours and then I went to get breakfast. Yum!
I walked aruond the ship and now I'm in the internet cafe.

Later I'm going to go see the Nature Specialist. Last night he introduced himself to us and he seemed approchable. I might just have to talk his ear off ;)
There's so many fun things on board! There's the usual dancing and casino things but there's also a movie theater, live theater, boutiques, and various activities. Later i'll go to the Trivia lounge, maybe win a prize ^__^

I took a bunch of pictures of glaciers this morning and I'm sitting right next to a window. I'm keeping my eyes peeled for animals.
Right now we're going down Prince William Sound and tomorrow is Glacier Bay! Tuesday is the first show excursion, Skagway!
I guess that's it for now!
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