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Democratic National Convetion Day 4: Obama's speech

I went to get my hair done today and knew I wouldn't be home in time to watch Obama's speech. That's alright, I watched it on my phone because my phone as tv access (lolz, such a luxury)
His was so amazing. I had the phone up to my ear to listen since I was under the hair dryer and there were moments I had to take it away from my ear so I can watch, to remind myself that it wasn't JFK speaking. That's just how amazing and moving his speech was, it really reminded me of the many John F. Kennedy speeches I have watched over the course of my life.

Today is another day I am very confident about November! To the Republicans: Bring.It.On!

Time to pack! This time tomorrow I shall be in Anchorage Alaska!!!!
Tags: elections 2008, obama\biden 08', political fangirl
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