Agent 27 (witherwings7) wrote,
Agent 27

Democratic National Convention Day 3

Today's Convention made me very optimistic! Clinton's speech was amazing, of course I expected it (love those Clintons!). The man couldn't even begin his speech for five minutes due to the thunderous applause he was receiving. The tribute movie to our brave veterans was amazing and brought me to tears. Joe Biden's speech? He just blew me away, he will make an amazing VP! His speech left me breathless and also brought me to tears many times. I am confident (at least today) that our next president will be a Democrat.

I'm so exhilarated!

Tomorrow will be amazing and historical I'm sure, Obama's speech is going to be great!

PS-A little side note, Beau Biden is handsome. I also wish him well in Iraq.
Tags: democratic national convention, election 2008, obama\biden 08", politics
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