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I broke my toe yesterday. It hurt like a bitch but I was able to drive to Kaiser to get it looked at (mom was out that morning). I was playing with Heidi and she reared up like the horse she is and landed right on my little toe. Heidi's a fat great dane (not grossly though), so she weighed quite a bit. So she bushed my little toe on my left leg which is actually a blessing since my right leg is screwed up. I have bad knees because of my weight but my right knee is worse, I can't keep it bended for long lengths of time otherwise when I straighten it I can collapse from the weight on it. Not a crap knee plus the toe would've been murder.
I don't blame Heidi though, dogs will be dogs! They took an x-ray and confirmed it, thankfully it's only a hairline fracture and very small. They put it in a splint and I'm good, they said I didn't need to wear the shoe that you sometimes have to wear when you break something. I should be fine in a few weeks, it shouldn't even effect my trip to Alaska (thank the bone gods for that, hehe).
While I was there I asked about any weight loss programs they have since their site sucks to navigate. After the trip I'm going to enroll myself in an aggressive weight loss program and get somebody to help me personally. I'm also going to join a gym again, I need to get in a decent amount of shape for Israel!
I just bought myself this awesome backpack. I've needed a new bag for a few years and I like that one to pieces so I got it. The bag I got on Friday is a camera backpack so that doesn't count, hehe.
I also got a good deal on a Sony camcorder, saved about $100 on it so I'm happy.

Ran some errands with mom after she got home, had to get used to walking on that foot but it's alright.

All in all a good day...and I really should launch the next theme week for, maybe a little later (too lazy)
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