Agent 27 (witherwings7) wrote,
Agent 27

My brother might have found me a job at UCLA. Of course he didn't give me any details because he's Adam but whatever. I'll go over there later this week and ask him for details.

Also, Ben text'd me! I sent him a text on Friday telling him a I got a new phone (LG Voyager, it's awesome!) and he replied. I asked him what was up, tried to be subtle about it, and he told me he was swamped with college stuff and kept forgetting to reply to me. He felt really bad about it and promised a nice chat sometime in the next two weeks. Hehe :P
It took over a month but I'm glad that's resolved!

I went to the camera store Friday and bought some spare batteries and memory cards for my camera. I also got a really nice camera bag that I can put my wallet, a book, and passport in for the plane. I can just pack a normal backpack in the suitcase if I need it but I'll use the camera backpack as my carry on (I do not check cameras, eek!). I was planning on borrowing a friend's camcorder but they're going out of town the exact same week so that's out. I'll either rent a camcorder from the camera store or I can look into a deal for buying one. It wouldn't be a waste of money since I won't only use it on this trip. I'd take it to Israel and New York and all those fun places. If I can find a really good deal I'll go for it but I set myself a money limit and will not go over it.
Tags: ben, sara's toys, vacations
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