Agent 27 (witherwings7) wrote,
Agent 27


Okay, a real update to come before the end of the weekend but in the meantime...
What walks on two legs, wears jeans, and makes me drool?

High-res version please! I'm having some very naughty thoughts right now, oy!

This is also a nice photo

I'm peeved! They just announced that there will be stage seating for every show like they did in England. Seats on the stage! I already freaking bought my Equus tickets! I can see it twice and pay a crap load of money to see nekkid!Dan up close and refrain from making gibbering noises and grabby hands or I can just see it from the balcony, a good spot even if you aren't close enough to touch. I'll probably just stay with the one show and secretly plot doom and destruction for the lucky bastards on the stage.
Somebody needs to make another Dan mood theme, with some updated pictures! *looks at her icon maker friends*

I'm hyper, how is everybody!
Tags: danrad, eye candy, i'm a perv, pantless dan association
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