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I just got a ticket to see Craig Ferguson on Monday! I've been wanting to attend a taping of his show for a long time now and when I saw Eric Idle was going to be a guest I jumped at the chance. Two hilarious Brits?
Hopefully I'll be able to get in, it's not a for sure thing. The tickets are free and you are let in if you get there in time, I might have to claw my way in. If I don't get in there's always next time, I'm only 15 minutes from the studio after all ;)
I wanted to see Hugh Laurie when he was on but I didn't know until I turned on the tv, now I watch the site schedule like a hawk :B

I am looking forward to seeing Conan when I go to NYC, Conan and Craig are about even with my love for them. Craig has the zany acts and the accent going for him while Conan has the sheer number of years I've been a fan. Oh well, I love them both!

lmfao. That's too hot for words xDDD


I've never heard of James McAvoy but...*adds him to her list*

Tags: eye candy, fangirl squee!!!, late show homies
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