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Israel and Equus (lolz, such a wide range!)

I'm now starting to look into the Birthright Israel program. I want to go so badly and this is my last chance. I'd love to go with a Jewish friend. I don't know many Jews that I consider friends (I know a few on my f-list are!). I really don't want to go alone. To fellow Jews on my f-list; interested? Hehe, it's free if you've never gone and it's usually a 10 day thing. Hotel, food, etc is all paid for. Anybody? *crickets chirp* Seriously though ;D
The trip I'm looking into.

Yeah, that's a long shot :x

Still looking for somebody to buy my spare Equus ticket! That reminds me, I'm having a moral delima over it. My mom hasn't talked to Adam in three weeks. Before, when I bought my ticket, everything was fine. I planned on being in NYC for Thanksgiving for a few reasons.
a. The show is the night before (Wednesday 8pm) and it would be a bitch to get home from there
b. Macy's Thanksgiving Parade

Now though, I just don't know. I am not giving up the chance to see Equus but I think I should come home for Thanksgiving. Mom is all "Oh don't bother, I'll just be alone." and the like...then yells at me when I insist on coming home for Thanksgiving. Guilt!
I have three options:
1. Do nothing and come home Saturday like I planned
2. Go home a few days earlier and come home on a late flight Wed\Thurs morning
3. Go home first thing in the morning
I already booked a room so I'd have to rearrange that! I just don't know, any suggestions?

Nevermind, mom got me worked up over nothing. Thanksgiving is the following Thursday :P

Again, must sell spare Equus ticket! I'll start going to danrad_daily if nobody on my f-list buys it.
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