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I'm such an X-Phile!!

I just got home from the theater...omfg! It was soooo amazing. It was worth waiting so long for another movie! I've been watching X-Files since the beginning, I might have missed season one but I do remember watching season two as a kid. So I've been a longtime fan and I can say, this fan is pleased!

I got to the theater and parked super far away. That parking lot always confuses me no matter how many time I've seen a movie there! I ended up walking quite a bit and working up a sweat, which is good because I needed it!
I get my ticket and I walk in and see this super massive line. I ask them "Is this the line for X-Files?"
A super cute guy answers "Nope, this is for Dark Knight!"
It's been a week and there's still massive lines for it! That was for a midnight showing too, and I got there at 9:30! It amazes me even though I know the whole "breaking all records" shtick. I'll be seeing that movie in a week or two. I love Batman but he's not my favorite superhero and I don't love him enough to see him opening night, or even the opening weekend! I usually wait a week and see it the following weekend for any movie I see in theaters. THere's exceptions of course; Potter, X, Star Wars (but I don't think I'll be seeing the upcoming SW movie). Those I put on my geek hat and proudly join the fellow nerds :D
Anyway! Back to the movie, I sit on a bench until 10:40 and then they open a line for X. I immediately rush over there and I'm first in line. I start playing WHeel of Fortune on my phone while waiting for them to let us in.
At 20 to 12 they let us in and I get prime seats.
Previews! So many freaking previews, it was insane! I don't think there was one movie I really wanted to see, sad.
Movie starts...YEEE!!!!

I don't want to write an epic post since I'm kinda tired so I'll make lists.

~Beard!Mulder is sexy in a Man of the Mountain kind of way
~Sunflower seeds and pencils stuck in the ceiling! Heee :3
~X-Files theme to a photo of our current president=epic win
~Billy Connolly is an amazing actor...his character is complex and wow!
~Two headed dogs freak me out unless Perseus is fighting them
~Mulder\Scully lovin! Scratchy beards and bedtime cuddling!
~Topless Mulder shaving off Man of the Mountain!Beard
~Topless Mulder rowing a boat with Scully lounging in it...someplace sub-tropical?
~Scully saying "bugger"
~Mulder nearly got beheaded and Scully defended her man, laid the smackdown on the killer!
~A boy who tugs your heartstrings and a Priest who might piss you off (maybe)
~Skinner being his bald and sexy self
~Skinner giving a hyporthermic Mulder his jacket and then snuggling him to keep him warm
~Again...Skinnner snuggling Mulder! Yeah, I'm looking too much into it, rofl. Body heat people!
~Can't get enough of that Mulder\Scully fluff!
~Oh, and they still call each other Mulder and Scully despite all that. THey live together, they sleep together, and Scully says "That's why I fell in love with you" (and caused me to meep). And they still call each other by their last names....but it wouldn't be right if they didn't ;)

Oh, and I might have mentioned a few days ago that I wouldn't go to the premiere. I changed my mind. I didn't go all day because I knew I'd get a burn and sick from the sun (despite the sunblock I wear). I was just there a few hours but I did see David Duchovny and Gillian Anderson. I didn't take a camera, I figured I wouldn't get a shot and frankly, I forgot it at home x_x
I probably wouldn't have gotten a shot since I was towards the back, I glimpsed them. Gillian Anderson looked amazing, so beautiful in her dress and pregnant. Lovely!
I was there for maybe...2 hours?
Tags: fangirl squee!!!, i'm such a geek, x-files
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