Agent 27 (witherwings7) wrote,
Agent 27

HBP! Danrad fans might want to read the last paragraph

I wanted to see Harry & The Potters tonight (well, last night) but I had way too much to do. Sadness! Thankfully I logged onto the interwebz and saw a new HBP picture! That made it all better...and Craig Ferguson's obsession with tight underwear and honking genitals :B

Let's drink down a bottle of Felix Felices and then we'll go and bury a giant spider!

I need new Dan icons, know any good links to said sexy icons?

43 more days until the cruise and 4 months and 1 day until Equus!
Oh, that reminds me. I don't think my friend will be able to come with me to NYC so I want to start planning an alternative now. I have one ticket to Equus for November 19th (a Wednesday). I'm in the first row of Mezz, off to the lefthand side. THat's basically a little to the left on the first row of the balcony, a pretty good seat! I also have a hotel room. I actually have two but if my friend can't come I'll be cancelling a room to save money (one room has two beds).
If any of you guys think you might be able to buy the ticket and go with me to NYC then pop me a line either here on my lj or you can email me (email is in profile). It'd be nice going with somebody I know, I don't want to just sell this ticket to some random person and sit next to them in the theater. Plus it'd be nice going around NYC with somebody I know too!
Tags: alaska cruise, equus, hbp
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