Agent 27 (witherwings7) wrote,
Agent 27

it's hotter then hell

Today was absolutely exhausting!

This morning I joined some of the neighborhood women for a walk around the neighborhood. It's a way for us to lose weight and stay motivated, as one woman said "I won't get my ass out and walk if I'm alone!". Hear hear!
After that I came home and took a very cold shower, it was bloody hot! It's even hotter now so I just turned my fan up on high.
After my shower I replied to some LJ comments and did some stuff that I had to do. After that I cleaned the den up and rearranged my games. From there I went to the vet to pick up my Neville's ashes. My poor boy, I need to get him an urn. I didn't even have him a year :(
Then I went to the mall to EB Games, picked up a Xbox 360! I hate EB's policy of basing the salary of their employees on commission. I could never do that, be assertive and sell a lot. I'm a sheep and I'm quiet. However, I get on really well with one of the employees and wanted to give him the commission :)
SO I got the system and one game, now I really should join GameFly! Then to Coffee Bean I went for a chai iced tea, yum!

Now here I sit. Tonight mom and I are finalizing our plans for our Pacific Northwest vacation. Maybe in the spring we'll take a Pacific Starlight train ride across Canada but for now, we're doing this.
Tags: gaming, neville, vacations
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