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Why am I awake at 4:18 in the morning? Not cool :(

I haven't really been keeping up with your journals, so sorry! I'll try to catch up with everybody during the week.

A word to the wise; don't read a story that you know will be a tearjerker when you are in a deep depression. P:

The premier for the X-Files is next week but I don't know if I should go! I shall weigh the pros and cons....

It's in Hollywood so I can easily get there
David Duchovny!
I'll be with other X-Philes

It's at 7:30pm. To get a decent spot I'll probably have to get there around the same time I did for Harry Potter (in the early morning).
Since it's at 7:30 and I'll be there early, I'd have to stand all day in direct sunlight. The Potter one started earlier then that and by the time I got in my mother's car I was really close to fainting. I went into the Coffee Bean right there and got two cups of ice water and a small mocha and it didn't help. I was exhausted, lethargic, nauseous, and did I mention sunburned? I remember bursting into tears because of being so overtaxed from the sun. With this, I'll be in the sun longer then I was last year and it will be hotter.

So...all that equals to me probably not going. I hate that thought, I've been a fan of X-Files longer then Harry Potter (started watching from the very beginning!). However, I can't risk myself like I did last year. I took water bottles with me last year, a hat, sunblock, etc etc. It didn't really help though, the heat from the weather, the sun, and the crowd got to me. I probably won't see David anyway, probably get a crappy spot or if I get a good spot, I'll get shoved to the back by fanboys. No, I doubt I'll go :\
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