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Eye candy everyone?

Some eye candy from me to you!

Warning: Some eye candy may cause spontaneous salivating. Some people may not find said candy to be scrumptious, so sorry. Viewer discretion is advised...

Let's start off with a handsome and mature looking Dan!

TV's Craig Ferguson! He films here in LA! One day I will go to a taping! That said, tonight he has Julie Andrews on! I <3 her! YAY! David Duchovny on Leno too! *flails*

Speaking of Mr. Duchovny. I want to hurt whoever put that bar code there! *shakes fist*

Next we have the adorkable Jim Sturgess.

Jason Isaacs is hot, the end. And so is....

David Tennant :D

Jesse Spencer as the lovely Dr. Chase from House. I wouldn't mind going to the hospital if he were my doctor!

If there's one thing sexier then Ewan McGregor...

It's Ewan McGregor in a kilt....also this one!

Ralph Fiennes ^.^

Last but not least, Mr. Pierce Brosnan.

G'nite everybody!

I might make a part two....maybe "Was Sexy When Young" or "Fictional Sexy" ;D
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