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ganked from yodallama

This was fun. Link me to any good memes or surveys, I'm depressed and suffering from insomnia (worse then usual!)

Go to your music player of choice and put it on shuffle.
Press play. Use the song title as the answer to the question.

How does the world see me?
No One Mourns The Wicked---Wicked (o.o)

Will I have a happy life?
Everybody Hurts---REM (wow...)

What do my friends really think of me?
What Can I Do?---The Corrs

Do people secretly lust after me?
In Your Room---Depeche Mode

How can I make myself happy?
Galapagos---Smashing Pumpkins (wouldn't mind going there)

Average day:

What should I do with my life?
Breathless---The Corrs

Why must life be so full of pain?
Walking After You---Foo Fighters

Will I ever have children?
Under The Boardwalk---The Drifters

Will I die happy?
Empty Chairs At Empty Tables---Les Miserables soundtrack (wow, how depressing)

What is some good advice for me?
Spank Thru---Nirvana

Opening credits:
Down Once More---Phantom of the Opera Broadway cast recording

What is happiness?
Hold Me Now---Thompson Twins

Waking up:
That Old Black Magic---Sammy Davis Jr.

What's my favorite fetish?
Rock N' Roll Music---Beach Boys

How will I be remembered?
Cruella De Vil---101 Dalmatians soundtrack (lol)

Fight scene:
Battle of the Heroes---Revenge of the Sith soundtrack (that's so cool)

Breaking up:
Flushed---The Moaning Myrtles (lolz)

Getting back together:
No Excuses---Alice In Chains

First date:
So Far Away---Social Distortion

Secret love:
So Young---The Corrs (lmao! So true :B)

Life's okay:
(We're Gonna) Rock Around The Clock---Bill Haley & The Comets

Mental breakdown:
Summer Wind---Frank Sinatra

Falling in love:
If I Could Talk---The Lemonheads

Be Prepared---Lion King soundtrack (sound advice!)

Learning a lesson:
Livin' On The Edge---Aerosmith

Deep thought:
Mysterious Ways---U2

Teenage Kicks---The Undertones

Bitch---Meredith Brooks

Happy dance:
The Safety Dance---Men Without Hats (I'm loving the results for this meme!)

Help!---The Beatles

Long night alone:
Imagine---John Lennon

Death scene:
Zombie---The Cranberries (yay!)
Tags: surveys and memes
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