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It seems that we switched and I'm the adult while my mother is the child. My mom got in another fight with my brother and she's going on about how she has no son, she's changing the locks on the door, and she's changing her will so he gets nothing. She's been sitting in front of the television all day. Yesterday she started watching tv at noon and didn't stop until 1am! She didn't go out with her friends like she normally does. She's watching Goblet of Fire on ABC and normally I'd be happy to watch but I can't. I just couldn't watch it knowing she's been sitting there all freaking day. I just went in there saying I wanted to watch something of my choosing and she started feeling sorry for myself, "can't I finish the fucking movie?". It's depression and I mentioned that she should see Steve (my therapist, she sees him sometimes) but she goes "how would he help? No".
I can hear Voldemort taunting Harry in the graveyard and it weirds me out because I never turn down seeing a Potter movie. I tried watching a bit of it with her earlier but I didn't find any pleasure watching it because of this situation.

She likes to air the family secrets anywhere and anytime. At the wedding, she left early because she got in a fight with Adam. She came into the reception area and said "goodbye" and just left! Adam and Elena took me home. My mom would call me while I was still there and say "Sara, when you come home do not let Adam in. He is not welcome here and I have no son!"
You just don't say that to your daughter, the sister of your son! You just don't! I've started getting along with Adam since Andrew was born, he has more important things to do then bitch at me so we're getting along. And now this? I'm in the middle and I will continue to be in the middle!
She would put me on the spot by saying "I'm not leaving anything to your brother, you are getting everything!"
Uh...don't say that to me mom.

On the plus side, I got myself a credit card. Now I can build up good credit to move out! I also have full control over the money my grandmother left me and I'm comfortable financially. I'll try not to touch it but I do get a monthly income that I can save up to move out.
Tags: adam, family problems, mom, money, rants
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