Agent 27 (witherwings7) wrote,
Agent 27

hot weather and vacation plans

I'm about to head over to the wedding of that girl I've mentioned quite a lot. It's in the valley so the temperature is at least 5 degrees higher then over here. Not only that but since it's an Orthodox wedding I have to wear a skirt and long or quarter inch sleeves. I'm wearing a long skirt in browns that's kinda layered so my butt doesn't look as large. It's like a hippie or gypsy skirt. Wearing a very light cotton quarter inch sleeve top with a white tank under it and my sandals.
I'll be icky and sticky when I get home.

We're going to look into booking a vacation to Canada. I really want to go to Eugene for the day to see Ben (I say "the family" but I really only mean him, bwahaha). It doesn't look like we'll be able to do that though because of the gas prices and the distance between Seattle and Eugene. So we're looking at Victoria and Seattle and probably doing a day trip to Mt. Rainer. I haven't been to Victoria since I was a kid, it'll be nice! We hope to do tea time at the Empress :D :D :D

Oh, this is really cool! Next year we're going to try for Australia and New Zealand! I'm going to get to the UK but it looks like I can go Downunder first! We can use our timeshare which would save us so much money! Mom just said Australia but I said "what about New Zealand too? We're right there!" so we'll try for both. It isn't for sure, it isn't even 50% certain. We have to figure it out.
Also, I'm still trying to get on the Birthright Israel Winter trip.

Okay, we're headed out.
Tags: canada, vacations, weddings
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