Agent 27 (witherwings7) wrote,
Agent 27

I love this new law

New Cellphone Law Triggers Wild Chase
Oy vey! I was driving along all those streets and the area of the 405 they mentioned yesterday (Wednesday) and I remember hearing sirens. I suppose I'm lucky I wasn't caught in the middle of that! It isn't that hard to drive without a phone glued to your head! The only time I ever talked on phone when behind the wheel was at a red light. I'd call mom quickly and say I was on my way and then go "oh, green light!" and quickly hang up. I don't answer the phone when my car is in motion. It's silly how people are raising a fuss over the new law. I'm not talking about this incident of course, but I've been hearing so many people bitching about it. Hello, bluetooth? I saw a girl with that obnoxious hair dye job where they have bleached blond and pitch black hair and her face was coated in crappy makeup. She was driving her little BMV that mommy and daddy probably bought her and talking on her little pink phone. She also ran a stop sign and cut me off twice. Girl had to be 18 or younger so she shouldn't been on the phone at all. People under 18 can't even use Bluetooth in the car...but stupid girl was being reckless even without the phone. I hope a cop busted her spoiled ass :P
Tags: bitter? me? nah!, los angeles, news articles, stupid people
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