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I have a love\hate relationship with technology

I need to get an external harddrive for my computer, it is running so slowly because of all the songs and pictures I have. I saw two Western Digital storage drives, one has 500GB and one has 1TB (??). I have 5508 songs and about 2000 photos. I can probably cut the photos in half, half in my computer drive and half in the external drive. I can even delete some (fandom photos and old unwanted ones I should get rid of anyway) but I have at least 500 high-res photos from my powerful camera, really large photos that I took on my vacation that I cannot delete.
What the heck is TB anyway? Is that a space even larger then a GB? Any brands you can recommend to me? I only saw Western Digital.

I need to get my computer fixed as well. I can't play DVDs on it, the disc makes clunky noises and it's a rare day I can actually play a game that requires a disc. This computer has given me trouble, roar!
Tags: computer issues
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