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This just makes my inner dino geek emotional

I saw a special on the making of on tv today and didn't realize it was a touring show. I looked it up online and it'll be in Anaheim and Los Angeles! I'm going, no questions about that! Just seeing the special made me cry, when they brought the utahraptor out on stage in front of the Sydney audience. It was life size and it looked real and it made me bawl like a baby. It was Jurassic Park all over again. You know the scene, Hammond says " Jurassic Park" and Dr. Grant turns and you see dinosaurs at a lake. That scene is just so stunning! And then the Walking With Dinosaurs BBC special! That was amazing as well and now this? It gives me the shivers!

I got my passport yesterday. I applied on my birthday (the 19th), it came so fast! Now I can look into Canada. We're thinking of taking in B.C. and Washington. I'm trying to talk my mom into going down to Eugene, at least for a day! I want to see Ben!

I mentioned above watching the special on tv, we have tv again! We signed up for DirectTV, it's been many years. Any good shows you can recommend? I've been watching Dr. Who online but I've heard good things about House, Torchwood, Scrubs, etc. Any recommendations?
Tags: dinosaurs, i'm a geek, nostolgia, tv, youtube fun!
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