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stupid phone

I'm starting to hate my phone. The sound has PMS. Sometimes it's crystal quality and other times it's complete crap (it can be the same sound file so it's not the file that's crappy). Sometimes it doesn't even ring when somebody is calling and sometimes it doesn't connect well.
I'm thinking of either replacing this phone or getting a new model all together.

To those of you on my Facebook that saw last night's bitchy status update, that wasn't aimed toward any of you. It was somebody on my Facebook that I know in RL that likes to push her beliefs on me and belittles my own beliefs and calls me a "bad Jew". I honestly don't care if you believe in God. That's great, I'm happy for you. I'm agnostic myself but that doesn't mean I'm bitter towards religious people, I'm just bitter towards people that like to force me to believe in something I don't. :P

Who saw the new Futurama movie? Who preferred the first one? I know I did, I liked this one alright but I preferred Bender's Big Score.
Tags: religion, technology
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