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Happy Birthday to this old fossil

I'm offically a fossil, I'm 25 today. Ack! Some of you don't know why I don't like the idea of being 25, I think I'll explain it to you.
The first and foremost reason is that 25 is just five years away from 30! In five years I will be the big 3-0! NOT GOOD. Another reason is the fact that mentally and emotionally I am not 25, I'm about 18-19. I think that's why I get on with people younger then me. Of course, the younger people have to be mature, not brats. I consider myself a 25 year old with the mentality of a mature 18-19 year old, hehe. Most of you on my f-list are at least 2 years younger then me and some of you are about 18! Some people would think that a 25 year old having the emotional range of a pre-20 year old is sad, I don't really think so. Young people today are so passionate about things. Sure, when I was your age (lol) we were passionate as well but...yeah, I kinda lost my train of thought.
Point is, when I'm 30 I'll most likely be thinking like a 23 year old! If I were a guy people would find that creepy. P:

ANYWAY! Ran errands today. I went to the post office in the Federal building to apply for a passport. Their AC was on the fritz and they only had two fans going and it was hotter then Satan's armpits! (ew). Then I went to get my car washed because my space ship was really dirty, poor thing. Then I went to Jamba Juice and treated myself to a sexy smoothie.

After that I headed home to watch the grass grow do stuff online. My next batch of Netflix came today (Elephant Man, Children of Men, and Cloverfield...haven't seen Elephant in years). I didn't get any cards which made me really sad but at least I got people on LJ and Facebook giving me birthday wishes (Ben's was hilarious. HAPPY BIRTHDAY about 50 times in a row).

I then headed to the Knitting Factory in Hollywood to see The Remus Lupins! I got there about a hour early and kicked back watching tourists act like idiots. Honestly, they keep asking where the movie studios are! They kept coming up to me, the girl just having a drink with her book and go "you live here? Where's Fox? Where's NBC? Where's Sony and Universal!?"
I would tell them where everything is.
"But this is Hollywood! HOLLYWOOD! This is movie town!"
No, it really isn't. The only movie things the City of Hollywood have are the celebrity stars, the footprints, and a lot of movie premieres and award shows happen in the theaters in Hollywood. The actual movie and tv sets are in places like Culver City and Burbank.
Haha, tourists. I sometimes hate walking around the city with my camera because people always assume I'm a tourist. "Hey, what are you doing here? This isn't a tourist area!"
I reply with something like "I just like taking pictures, I'm born and raised here."
They usually reply with "oh" and walk away with their tail between their legs, mwahahahaa. I'm a tourist myself to other cities but I try not to be so obvious about it (I probably fail). I know tourists get taken in by things, I do too! So no offense, I just like to lolz about it :)
Er, I got off track!

Anyway, I got into the Knitting Factory and listened to a group before the Remus Lupins came on. I kept my eye out for randomneses who was running late. She joined me about 4 songs in. I love these guys, they're nice and they're talented...and they're local boys! We bopped around and got annoyed with two teeny boppers who thought they were god's gift to wizard wrock bands. After word we went to get stuff (well she did, I did earlier) and got our pictures taken with our respective guys (lead singer for me!). After that we headed to Coffee Bean just down the block (across the street from the Grauman's Chinese Theater (where I saw Dan at the OotP premiere!). We sat and chatted and explained Potter bands to the barista. As she says, it doesn't get much nerdier then that! I say embrace your inner nerd! Or in my case, very extreme outer nerd.
We headed back to our respective cars and I headed home.

Here I am now, on mom's laptop on her bed. I took a bunch of photos and videos that I'll upload later and share with you guys soon.

So how is everybody?
Tags: birthday, coffee bean, fangirl squee!!!, friends, hollywood, i'm a fossil!, los angeles, musings, remus lupins, weather, wizard wrock
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