Agent 27 (witherwings7) wrote,
Agent 27

Happy Friday the 13th! :P

In honour of one of my favorite days (13 being one of my favorite numbers!) I shall post some photos of my past black cats. I love black cats, they are overlooked so many times. I say make Friday the 13th Adopt A Black Kitty Day! Er...I think there's one already though so whatever.

This was Desi. A very temperamental cat x_x

Desi again, celebrating another holiday! When we first painted the living room. That's a funny story, my uncle got the wrong shade of red so my living room looked like some sort of whore house ;D

Desi's gone now

Mr. Scrooge, he was such a special boy.

He had the most personality of any cat I have ever known.

One of the last photos of Scrooge where he was in decent health.

Taken right after the previous one. He's begging for food ;D

Hehe, taken the same day as the one with Desi. Right after surgery to remove the cancerous growth on his back. It gave him a few months of health, then it came back full force. He died a few weeks after it came back :(

I miss him

His sister Mystery who's still with us! She'll be 20 next year! Hehe, it looks like she's going o_O

I leave you with this random photo I found online...

Happy 13th! xD xD
Tags: cats, friday the 13th, photos
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