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Really stupid survey

What's the exact location of your house/car keys right now?:
On the dining room table

Do you have a bird feeder in your back garden?:
Yes actually, I put it up a few weeks ago

Who was the newest addition to your family?:

What happened in the last episode of Simpsons you watched?:
Bart was framed by Jessica Lovejoy for stealing the church donations. <3 Bart

How old were you when you first went in McDonalds?
I dunno

What age do you want to die and of what?:
I want to live forever, see history pass me by.

Do you like Muse?:

What did you think of the last CD you bought?:
I rarely buy CDs, the last CD I bought was Beatles live on BBC because iTunes doesn't have Beatles! It was good :3

What did you think of the last movie you saw at the movies?
I thought it was a good movie but really cheesy for an Indiana Jones flick

What was your first ever pet?:
Well there were already cats and a dog when I was born. It was either some carnival goldfish or my rabbit Flopsy that was exclusively mine.

Do you watch the OC?
Never, that crap doesn't intrigue me

What magazines do you have subscriptions to?:
National Geographic, Scientific America, Popular Science, Discover, Time, Newsweek, and Game Informer :P

What was the last reason you went to the Doctor for?:
My womanly bits

Have you done work experience? Where was it?:
Er, yeah

Do you have an iPod?:

When was the last time you went to the Dentist?:
I dunno

What's your favourite flavour of jello?:
Raspberry (Kosher brand)

What's your opinion on Kanye West?:
I could care less

Why do you think Mary Alice kill herself on Desperate Housewives?!:
What the hell are you talking about? Ugh, I hate surveys written by people who automatically assume that everybody follows their stupid likes! /bitchfest

Pick up a book. Turn to the 58th page. What does the last sentence say?: I had to go across the room for a book! Here: It is not certain what the stem of the parent plant looked like, but chances are that it had a columnar stem somewhat like Lyssoxylon.

Stretch out your left hand. What's the first thing you touch?:
The can of keyboard cleaner that's filled with air

What make is your TV?:

Do you have a digital camera?:
I have four!

Do you have to wear a uniform to school?:

How old were you when you first started using deodorant?:
11 or 12 probably

Have you ever suffered from impetigo?:
Thankfully no

Have you ever kissed a Tunisian man?:
lol, no

Name your favourite theme tune on TV.:
Uh...I love the theme to Quantum Leap :3

Do you like Disney films?:
Yes but the latest animated ones suck ;_;

How about the Disney shop? Hmm?:
When they have plushies I like!

Have you seen all three American Pie movies?:

Did you know Billie Joe from Green Day is married? With kids?:
Yes, why do I care? He's had kids for years now! O.o

Have you heard of Irn Bru?:

Were you in Spain when it snowed for the first time in like 40 years?:
Never been to Spain, would rather go to England!

How old were you when you first went on holiday?:
3 for sure, probably earlier

Do you play guitar?:

What song is stuck in your head right now?:
I got the Three's Company theme in my head xD

Have you ever been on a farm?:
Yep. Love the smell of a farm!

What was the first cell phone you ever owned, and how old were you?:
It was a crappy Nokia, I was 18 and going to my first college

Tell me the last dream you had.:
Haha, it was a Bush dream. I dreamt that I flew to D.C. and gave a good finger wagging to the President.

Do you buy fake clothes?:
You mean fake designers that you can find in China Town? Nope :P

Do you own a copy of rollercoaster tycoon?:
That game crashed my computer when I first got it. I'll stick with other Tycoons thanks

Do you have a niece or nephew?:
A nephew

What do you think of salt and vinegar chips?:
I like sour cream & onion Lays!

Did you take geography at school?:

Do you keep a diary? Not online, I mean:
Used to, I sometimes write in a spiral notebook

Can you spy a tub of vaseline right now?:
Lol, no

Where you live, what side of the road do you drive on?

Can you even drive yet?:

Have you ever been caught doing something REAL embarrassing by your parents:
My dad once caught me wanking when I was 14 :x

Who was your favourite character in friends?:
I have never seen an episode of Friends and I don't plan to anytime in the future

Did you cry at the last ever episode of friends?:
For Merlin's sake! Again with assuming everybody likes the stuff you like! General questions people! You can probably tell surveys with those types of questions irk me :\

Are you pregnant right now?:

Do you have any birth marks? In embarrassing places?:
Why would a birth mark be embarrassing anywhere?

When was the last time you were in a hospital?:
Technically, the Kaiser I go to is a hospital...even for simple appointments. So....May

Are you part German? or hey maybe even full German:
Yes actually! I have Native American, German, Scottish, and possibly Russian blood :3

Have you been to Japan and went on the bullet train?:
I would go on the bullet train if I went to Japan! They are thinking of building one California. It would be nice to go to Frisco on a day trip :3

Would you like to go on brat camp?:
What the hell is Brat Camp?

Do you suffer from road rage?:
I get mad at stupid drivers but I don't get road rage...more like "road frustration"

Or panic attacks?:

What's your biggest achievement to date?:
Finally being comfortable enough to drive ;)

Do you wish when you see the first star?:

Do you believe in reincarnation?:

Do airports excite you?:
Yeah actually, I know I'm either going someplace I want to be (unless I'm going to a funeral..) or I'm going home.

Can you make yourself throw up?:
Anybody can make themselves throw up! Just drink ipecac syrup. When I was 2 I used to stick my fingers down my throat to get attention, hehe.

Do you look old or young for your age?:
Depends on who you talk to. Some people say I look young, I think I look old

Have you ever been thrown out of the movies?:
Nope, I'm a good girl

Pick up the same book you had earlier. Who is thanked at the beginning?:
Heh, nobody. It's a science book! :D

What's your earliest memory?:
I do remember looking at my bottles in the dish dryer and Grandmas and being in nappies

Did you have a happy childhood?:

Were you bullied?:
I was made fun of by some people

Were you a bully?:
Only to my Barbies

What did you get for your 5th birthday?:
*thinks* A bunch of stuff from various people but I remember getting an awesome stuffed green t-rex from my second cousin :D

Are you adopted?:

Would you like to go into space?:
Yeah! It would be amazing seeing Alaska, Canada, and Asia all at once :D

Do you watch the news?:
Quite often

Do you pluck your eyebrows?:
I should :P

Do you watch Pimp My Ride?:
Grrr, no

What does 666 mean to you?:
Mark of the Beast P:

Are you a religious person?:
Not at all

Do you eat chickens?:

Do you know who Zane Lowe is?:

Do you know who Fightstar are? Don't you think the drummer is chubby?:
What the flip?

What do you think of designer clothes?:
Who cares

Isn't Pharrell a pretty boy?:

When was the last time you got a hair cut?:
I got my hair trimmed a few weeks ago

What did you receive for Valentine's Day?:

Do you think Halloween is a shit holiday?:
No, I think what has become of Halloween is shitty though

What is your biggest fear?:
I can't stand driving high up (I do it but I don't like it)

Do you wear lipgloss?:
Chap stick

Do you know who Kurt Cobain is?:

Were you alive during the 1980's?:
Yep! I'm an 80s baby

Do you dream of being a pornstar?:
LOL. Not seriously, I associate sex with love and porn sex isn't love!

Was anyone you know involved in the tsunami disaster?:
No but I know a Rabbi whose brother was there for vacation, he's alright.

Did you see/hear concorde during its last flight?:
Sonic Boom? Yah

Do you like to kill people on the Sims?:

If you were on TV, would you say hello to your mother?:
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