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Rats, aunts, and oreos

Yesterday was quite interesting. I went to Coffee Bean with mom to grab a iced chai tea so I could bear shopping with here. We went looking for a BBQ, and that was an ordeal! We couldn't find any propane\natural gas grills that didn't have side burners! We don't need a side burner, oh well.
We then went to the valley to have dinner with my aunt (mom's sister) and to go to the Lowes there to continue the search for the elusive grill. My aunt...what a woman she is, she's quite a character and I don't mean that nicely. She resents me, she hates it when I'm with them for whatever reason. I'm a burden on my mother and I shouldn't rely on her for dinner. Hey, didn't want to go, mom said she needed my input on the BBQs! I would have happily made myself dinner at home then put up with my aunt! Let's get an idea of her shall we? She thinks that anybody that needs a GPS shouldn't drive. I can't see the signs? No problem, I should just get lost; I'll find my way again! I told her that I don't do well when I'm lost and I'd probably get even more lost, then think of how much gas that would waste and with the price of gas today? No thanks. "Then you shouldn't be driving." When I wasn't driving she called me a burden on my mother. Forget the fact that my mom only drove me places she herself was going to, I took the bus everywhere! Nope, I was a burden on my mother for not driving. Now that I am driving, I need a GPS because of my vision and my sense of direction, so I shouldn't be driving at all according to her!
Also; zoos are evil and should be shut down. Sure, zoos used to suck (I can name some that still do!) but zoos have gotten so much better and how many species have zoos saved from extinction because of their breeding programs? Then we have my aunt who had a budge in a cage just big enough for a finch! Finches and budges require different size cages, hers was way too small! She always got an attitude with me when I had rats, "you shouldn't have them, they're locked up" (pot meet kettle). She used to be a vegetarian and gave me crap for claiming to love animals and then eating meat. That's fine, I know some people think I'm a hypocrite and I do as well to a point. One day I see myself being a vegetarian but right now I just don't have the self discipline for that! She eats meat now. Why? Could she not get the protein? Was the lifestyle not working out for her body? No, it "took too much work". She lives in a two bedroom apartment and my mother is paying her rent because her job doesn't pay enough. In the meantime, she won't move. I understood it when she moved in, she was on a very tight deadline and that's the only place she could get with her credit. Now though, she's not on a deadline so she could look for a cheaper place to live! She won't though, so my mom pays her rent. She calls me a burden?
Okay, so now you have an idea of this woman. Yesterday at dinner, I kept my mouth shut for most of the time. Whenever I try to speak she gives me a nasty look, how dare I try to talk. She didn't want me there and I knew that, so I hardly spoke. Mom tried to include me, asking me to tell my aunt about this book series I'm reading. My aunt would probably like the books so I started explaining. "Marsha, I really don't care." Okay. I then had the stupidity to tell mom that I really wanted to be out of town on my b-day. The following occurs;
Her: Go to Oregon, see your cousin
Me: He'll be busy the whole month
her: Then Arizona again, you have friends there
Me: I've been to Arizona twice in a row and they'll be getting ready to move
Her: Then shit out of luck, stay here. Don't burden your mother.

She acts like I don't do anything on my own. I went to Arizona alone last year and NYC a few years before that (I was with friends both times but I flew alone). I don't want to go somewhere alone for my b-day. I might like my solitude but I'd rather travel with somebody! It's more fun that way and mom's the only one to go with!
When shopping for the BBQ I mentioned to mom not to get a charcoal. I send "charcoal is so bad on the environment, let's get another gas grill".
My aunt: Are you paying for it? Are you going to be cooking on it? No, be quite. Your mother is paying for it and if all she can find is a charcoal grill then she'll get one!
I think that was the last time I spoke in front of her that night. She's coming over this weekend for a holiday dinner, I just hope Adam and Elena come. If not, I doubt I'll say a single word with her there. She resents me plain and simple, always challenges what I say, and just doesn't want me around. It really hurts my feelings, aunts are supposed to be like that. I refuse to be an aunt like that to Andrew. I might be uncomfortable around children but I'm making a point to see him once in awhile, to get used to him. I refuse to make him think that I dislike him.

So I've been having an easy time finding homes for the rats, I'm actually quite surprised! I got three calls the other day for boys and before I knew it, all but one boy was reserved! That was a problem though since my keeper is a boy and he'll need a friend. I contacted my breeder friend (ratz realm rattery) and I'll be adopting one of her boys. I'm excited, I miss having rats from her; such squishy sweet boys! My keeper is still skittish but I have high hopes he'll be a sweetie, I think being around a rat so completely comfortable with humans will help it.
Today I placed all but two of the rats, I only have two more rats to place; a girl and the mama. If worse comes to worse I'll keep them but I hope I can place both of them together.
I'm going to my friend on Wednesday to pick up the rat.
I need to start thinking of names for my two boys, it's such an adventure coming up with names! I thought of Stan and Kyle but...nah. Suggestions welcome! :D

Mom's making Oreo cheesecake this weekend, there goes my diet! Heh, I got the low fat Oreos and I'm going to ask mom to use a low fat cheese, I'll feel less guilty!

80s music will be forever awesome.
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