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Shiny happy people ;D

OMG REM!!!!!! I saw REM tonight and got home about a hour and a half ago and I'm still wired! REM is one of my favorite groups ever, I've been a fans for as long as I can remember! Okay, so this group called The National came on first, for about a half hour. I've never heard of them but they were pretty good. Then Modest Mouse came on for nearly an hour, I didn't really like them (though I have heard of them).
After that the roadies came on to prepare for REM, it always takes a million years to set up for the main act! I made a concert friend, a nice handsome man who towered above me. He was there with his girlfriend but we chatted amiably. Then REM came on!!! In an interview in Rolling Stone they said they would focus their shows on their new stuff so I was praying to the concert deities to have them play at least one of their old classic hits. They played about 10!!! The first classic hit they played with What's the Frequency Kenneth, from their album Monster. I was so happy, singing along and bopping. They also played a bunch of other hits that I sang happily along with. At certain points I would sit down to rest my knees, only if it were a song I didn't know. Not knowing doesn't mean I didn't like them, I loved all the songs! I just used the ones I couldn't sing along with to sit and rest my knees (and text certain people). Between songs Michael would talk to us. At one point I was sitting down chatting with the guy next to me and to Adam when they did the first five chords of my favorite REM song. I kinda...spazzed and went nuts cheering and leapt to my feet. Sang along quite happily! That's me in the corner! That's me in the spotlight! Losing my religion!!!
The whole place was singing it of course, we all went nuts when they went into a beloved classic REM song. I also spazzed for Man on the Moon (third fav song), Fall On Me (fourth), and The One I Love. Sadly they didn't play my second favorite song, It's the End of the World As We Know It but that's okay, they played a bunch of my beloved songs so I forgave them ;)
The guy next to me took various photos and videos that he said he'd send me (I gave him my secondary email, don't give strangers my primary!). It's funny, every time I go to a show I don't take my camera and every time they don't check! I guess I'll take it next time. It's not like I'm recording for profit! The quality wouldn't be good enough anyway, nah it's just for my own entertainment (and maybe to share with you on LJ). I did take videos and photos from my phone. The videos are crappy quality but I can at least hear the songs (and I can hear myself singing, ack!).

Not from my show but whatever! (they didn't sing this, waah!)

They played this and I spazzed a mighty spazz!

Tuning up for REM (before the came on)

Yay! Haha, it looks like there's an upside down Elvis on the big screen that's on the stage! There wasn't ;)

After the show was over (with one encore), I said goodbye to my REM friend. He was just one of those guys that you make friends with for the duration of the event you're at and then you never see him again. He said I was "the best sit neighbor at a concert" he's ever had xD
Hopefully he keeps his word and sends the videos, it'd be nice to share some! You'd probably hear me singing in his videos too :x :x :x

We had parked four cars from the very front so we were excited to be able to leave quickly. The guy ahead of us never showed! If he had explosive diarrhea I would excuse him but he if was buying a shirt or something I wouldn't. I always buy my stuff before the show starts, especially if it's for the Bowl since it's stacked parking in all the lots! It's just common courtesy :3
The whole row beside us was empty. I would have reversed but there was a car parked. Eventually those people came so when they left, I reversed and then went around Mr. No-Show. Then we left, and I put REM on the stereo xD
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