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New articles!

The Phoenix has a smooth and safe landing on Mars
WOOO!!!! We lose so many Mars missions, it's wonderful hearing of a successful touchdown!

76 year old man becomes oldest person to climb Everest
A feel good story before a sad one

Comedian Dick Martin dies at 86

Parents put baby up on eBay, says it was a joke
That's disgusting. Who does this, even as a joke?

Munch's The Scream back on display
Good! It's one of my favorite pieces, I'm glad they restored it and there's only a bit of damage

Last known WWI vet honored on Memorial Day
I didn't think there were any from that war still around.

Indiana Jones rakes in $126M in the first weekend
I'm not surprised. Even if I thought it would suck, I'd see it because I'm a big Indy fan. I'm sure other Indy fans thought the same thing.

Aftershock in China kills 6 and destroys 71,000 homes

Powerful storms kill 8 in Minnesota and Iowa
This storm season is really going to kick our ass.

Parrot tells rescuers his address
That's cute, what a great idea for owners of parrots!

This man's dedication to teaching physics is wonderful!
I shall be watching his videos from now on :)

Firefighters make progress in CA wildfires
Oy vey, did I mention that this season will be big? :x

Helicopter crashes, kills 3 & injures 3 on Catalina Island
I heard about that on the radio, those poor people :(

Suspect agrees to testify in fatal beating of a homeless man
What the hell is wrong with people!?

NY cop went hunting for homeless man
Again...what the freaking hell is wrong with people today!?

It is -17F at McMurdo Station in Antarctica. ;D
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