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Speaking words of wisdom, let it be

Has anyone ever told you you have pretty eyes?

When was the last time you saw the person you last kissed?

What's your biggest concern right now?
My math final results

What did you do today?
Cleaned, ran errands, had dinner with family from out of town

How many different people of the opposite sex have you cried over?
If you want to count family; 6

Do You Like to Smile?
:) :D =) :3

How Tall Are You?

Last person you rode in a car with under the age of 20?

What Time Do You Usually Wake Up On the Weekends?
Depends on how late I got to sleep. On average I sleep until noon on weekends

Last thing you had to drink?

What are you wearing?

What brand of body lotion do you use?

What color are your eyes?
greenish gray and bluish gray

Do you like your phone?
It's okay, it has some glitches but it works and takes good photos

Last thing to make you laugh?
Something somebody said at dinner

Are you friends with the last person you kissed?

Do you ever keep arguing even when you know you’re wrong?
Sometimes :)

Have you ever kissed any one of the opposite sex on your top friends?
Top Facebook? Well, there's only two guys on my top friends over there. One lives across the Pond and one is my cousin. I've kissed my cousin, friendly sort of peck. But a full blown snog? Nope! :D

Are you tan?
I am as pale as a shark's belly

Have you ever slept in a bed with the opposite sex?

Last time you took a nap?

Who was at your house last? mom and myself

When was the last time you cried really hard?

What is your natural hair color?
Two day old poop brown

What is the next concert you're going to?

Can you play guitar hero?
I've never tried it! I can play a guitar though

Who was at your house last night?
Me myself and my mom

What is the last movie you watched in theaters? Who'd you go with?
Indiana Jones, myself

Do you like to cuddle?
I love it, sadly I don't get to often enough.

Last thing you bought?
Gas (freaking $4.79!)

Do you have braces?
I still have one brace on my molar

Is there someone on your mind that shouldn't be?
Not really

Who did you talk to last on the phone?

Do you ever wonder what your ex is up to?
Not really, I don't give a rat's ass about him

Have you ever been given roses?
Yes! Last year my cousin gave me roses for my birthday

What is your all-time favorite romance movie?
Hmmm....Casablanca, Titanic, other old movies. Hooray!

Do you believe in this saying - what goes around comes around?

Do you want to get married?

Who was the last person you held hands with?
I can't remember.

Would you kiss the last person you kissed again?
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