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Another Potter post from me to you!

Philosopher's Stone is being re-released as a special 10th anniversary edition in September with new cover art!

All together now: AWWWWWWWWWWWWW
One of my favorite scenes in the whole series and my favorite scene in that book. It's the 10th anniversary for it's US release, but it was released in 97' in the UK.

Mr. Malfoy I presume? I sure wouldn't mind lying at his feet! I think he has a snake fetish :3

Primary filming for HBP has been completed and there's rumors the wondeful John Williams will do the score for the movie. I hope so! I also hope he does the score for the last two movies. Come on, who else can do it!?

Time to pimp! Check out this amazing piece by the super talented naadi, I absolutely love her work.
Tags: eye candy, fandom, fangirl squee!!!, harry potter, hbp, i will gladly be his bitch, pimping
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