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Nutty weather and a soapbox moment

That's about 60 miles from me, nuts! Here's the article!

Californians narrowly reject gay marriage
It looks like this issue is really going to heat up

Obama woos Jewish voters in Florida
"One of the painful things for me over the past several years," he said, "has been to see the strains between the Jewish community and the African American community." He said he wanted to regain "that sense of a common kinship, of a people who've been uprooted, a people who've been on the outside --that strikes me as the very essence of what we should be fighting for."
Obama is gaining my respect.
I hate how some people wouldn't vote for a person because they have a Muslim sounding name. Muslims aren't our enemy, the fanatical extremists are. Islam is a religion based on peace, the same with Judaism and Christianity! All three religions are intertwined throughout history and are all centered around people who promoted peace! You don't see people bashing the Christians because of the Crusades! What about the Spanish Inquisition? Both were terrible times with terrible actions against other faiths! We have a group of Muslims who have warped their religion, turning it into a mockery of what it should be, and because of these people the whole Muslim community is blacklisted! It really isn't right. My brother got harassed after 9\11 because he looks like a Muslim! I know some wonderful and decent Muslims, and the man at 7-11 always has a kind word for me! Why the hell are we basing a whole group of people on the small amount of people who warp the Koran around for their needs? Some Christians do the same thing with the Bible, they twist the words around to suit their needs. Jews aren't blameless either. Wow, I got on my soapbox for a little news article. I didn't originally like Obama, I wanted Edwards! Hell, I still do, but I know that Obama will get the Democratic ticket, Clinton doesn't have a prayer anymore. I'm reading more articles on him to get a feel for this man, and I'm gaining some respect for him.
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