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Indiana Jones can still sling a whip :3

~Cate Blanchett's accent is rofl worthy
~Indiana survives a nuclear bomb blast! x3
~Indy still hates snakes
~Mutt is Indy's son (who didn't see that one coming?)
~The crystal skull belongs to inter-dimensional aliens
~Movie was like Mummy 2 and all other alien movies (M2: the pyramid collapses on itself)
~Indy marries Marion! She makes an honest archaeologist of him (married Indy!? NOES!!!!)

Overall, I liked the movie. I thought it was a bit...cliche but I did love it. All the little tributes to the earlier movies, the building they kept all the stuff in and the glimpse of the Ark are just a few. I wibbled a bit when we found out that Indy's dad and Marcus were dead. I expected it but I still wibbled.
Despite some of the silly parts, it really was an awesome movie. I'm glad that Spielberg and Lucas didn't butcher Indiana Jones. Even though Lucas and Spielberg are geniuses, I was afraid that 20 years between fedoras would blur their vision for classic Jones. I'm glad that my worries were for naught. I gotta tell you, I was worried about cheesy spin-offs when Mutt picked up Indy's fedora. I breathed a sigh of relief when it's rightful owner took it, no Mutt Jones & The Island of the Greasers for us! Thank god xD

A rofl movie but I recommend it, it was really good.

A rant post to come a bit later.

The trailers were...meh. I am so excited for Get Smart but..honestly, and I know some of you will disagree with me, but...I could care less about Wall-E. I can't stand that animation, it's taking over traditional animation. Now, I know PIXAR is basically 100% of this stuff, and that's fine for them I guess. It's taking over everywhere else though. 90% of animated movies are in that media and the 10% that are traditional...well..they suck. I rarely see these types of movies, it really has to catch my eye and WALL-E didn't. I like robots and I like sci-fi movies but that movie really doesn't intrigue me. Neither does Kung-Fu Panda, that one just looks really stupid.

Next midnight movie: X-FILES!!!
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