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City Hall photos

Today I went to a retirement party for one of dad's old co-workers. My father was a few months from retirement when he died. The City Attorney, the Mayor, Jack Weiss, and various other City Officials were there. I had a nice political chat with Jack Weiss and the head of Land Development (can't remember his name). Growing up in this house and having my father be co-workers with such important city politicians, you wonder why I love being involved in politics? It was bittersweet going to this party since it was at City Hall East, the building my father worked in. I used to visit him at his office quite a bit when I was younger, security was much more lax back in those days. My father had an office near the top of the building, such a lovely view. The last time I was in this building it was for a memorial ceremony for my dad, held by the City Council (my dad was a City Attorney). Being in the room where my father helped pass many of this city's ethics laws and listening to his co-workers, very respectable City workers, it was emotional. I didn't go in that room this time, but I was just down the hall from it. I should go back to City Hall East with my big Canon Rebel XTi and take some serious photos...though I love how these came out!
Obviously didn't go to work today, since I had to pick mom up from work right after my last class. Meh, it's one of those jobs where I can come in whenever, stay as long as I want, and take whatever days off. I get paid when I'm there and it's a very temporary job, just really something I can put on my resume.

I love this photo! It was completely spontaneous. I wanted to take a photo of the hallway and I clicked it, got the sun shining through the door with three City employees heading home.

City Hall is such a gorgeous building. The architecture is stunning and they really did a good job restoring it!

Different setting. Which do you prefer? I can't make up my mind :P

A lot of City Council meetings take place in the rooms down this hall. My Dad had a memorial ceremony in the room at the very end, about a month after he died.

A lone soldier on a really awesome light fixture

Gorgeous ceiling and light

The same light as the previous two.

Part of the Downtown skyline from the freeway. Stupid power lines. The tall buildig is Library Tower

Downtown freeway traffic about 30 minutes before rush hour
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