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All you need is love...and tacos

Like my new default icon?

Bored. Bored. Bored. Bored.

Shall I spam your f-list? Nah, I don't think so. I'll probably go to sleep in a few minutes, if I can shut my brain off!

A list!

~Took math final
~Probably passed math final by the skin of my teeth
~Why do people say that? Teeth skin sounds gross
~Fed pond fish and enjoyed watching them swim
~Ran errands
~3 1\2 hours at the library (it's not even a part time job)
~Debated whether or not to go to Venice Beach
~Decided against it, need to study
~Played Zoo Tycoon (1)
~Chattered back and forth with pansylove about the eyecandy that is Jim Sturgess
~Had a guilt trip when realizing that my love for Jim is close to overshadowing my love for Dan
~Poor Dan. I still <3 you!
~Thinks way too much about her celebrity crushes
~Would gladly be the meat in a British Boy Sandwich
~Thought to herself "where's Monsie?"
~Appreciated Ben's confidence in my math skills but laughed at how wrong he is
~Lacks math skillz
~Is confident abut her humanities final tomorrow
~Just wasting time now
~Tooth skin still sounds nasty
~Is one with The Force
~Trusts no one, except for her friends the Dust Bunnies
~Dust Bunnies 08'!
~Screw Obama and Clinton, it's Wiggum all the way!
~Finishes this list
~The End
Tags: icons, lists, random

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