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It was a hard decision, so many active and healthy fish to choose from! We then decided to just get one of these big guys at the moment. One big guy and the rest would be small. Next week we'll get two more medium to large koi and one small catfish.

Decisions, decisions!

The large white butterfly koi, lovely fish. It reminds me of those star angels in the movie Titan A.E. (omg, I love that movie!)

Our large white butterfly koi being followed by the small white koi. It was so cute, that little guy followed the big one everywhere. Whenever big fish turned, little fish turned and basically swam under his fin. It reminded me of mother whales and their babies.


Our catfish

This guy is nicer looking then he looks. He kinda looks like Zoe in it's colors; black, brown, red, white speckles. Really pretty! Actually, he really looks like a coelacanth in this picture! Well...the coloring at least, this guy doesn't have lobe fins. Coelacanths are cool
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