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A week in the life of Saries: Volume 7

Last one! This was fun and yet it wasn't. I plan on doing this again sometime, when I know I have an interesting week ahead of me! Can you tell I forgot to grab my camera this morning? I didn't have it with me for school or work, so all these photos are from after I got home :P
My Danrad fans might be interested in this one!

7:46pm Coffee Bean delight!

7:49pm Partaking in the delightful drink! Why do I look like I have jaundice? Woe :(

8:13pm Mom opening her mail and giving me those!!!!! IGBLIJDGBJIDBGLDKSBG!!!!!

9:46pm Adding songs to Mom's iPod

10:01pm Going through my SP images to start working on mood theme

10:09pm Lol'ing at Ben defending my honored. Blurred his number :P

10:35pm All gone! *mourns*

Volume 1 and instructions
Volume 2
Volume 3
Volume 4
Volume 5
Volume 6

And we're done!
Tags: memes, photos
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