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Weee!!! I had a brilliant day! Had classes, we finalized our plans for Indy next week. So excited for that. I got flirted with by the barista at Freudian Sip (coffee shop on campus, lol). Won't go anywhere with the flirty, but it made me feel better after what Eric said to me yesterday. He said I should be desperate enough to get what I can get, with the way I look. I told him that I might be overweight, I might want a relationship, and I might have a low self-esteem but even so, I have enough self pride to settle for somebody that doesn't think I'm desperate. Jerkoff >:\
Don't want to let that get me down though, I'm in too good a mood!

Work was lovely, I took some books out for myself at the end of my shift and helped a little boy find some stuff to read. I love seeing children reading, it makes me happy.

Now I'm taking a siesta before cracking my math book open. I'm going through the screen caps I've done so far and resizing. I'm resizing to 100x56, that's the size of my Garfield mood theme and it's a nice size yeah? It kinda sucks though, I think I'll have to do contrast changes and stuff....that'll be hard!

Today sucked for my photo meme :\
Tags: eric, job, knowledge is power!, mood theme, school, stupid people
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