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All we are saying is give peace a chance!

I think I'm obsessed with the movie Across the Universe. I've always been a fan of the Beatles, since I was in nappies really (U2 as well)! I fell asleep listening to Beatles music as a baby and I have fond memories associated with their music. John Lennon was also my childhood hero. This movie...I was afraid when I saw the trailer. It looked good but I was afraid it wouldn't do their music justice. I saw it in theaters and I adored it. It wasn't until seeing it again, on dvd, where I absolutely fell in love with this movie. I really think, that if there is such a thing as past lives, that I was alive during the 60s. That era really gets to me, it makes me cry and it makes me laugh. Seeing any scene from a movie that has the 60s, gets to me. If I could live in any era, I would live during the 60s. It was such a strong era, it made such an impact on the future (today). The Civil Rights, the war protests, the music revolution, and the politics. It was also the era where we questioned authority, we realized that the government isn't all powerful, all knowing, and perfect.
I just know that if I were alive during the 60s, I would be one of those hippies going across the country with other hippies, and going to peace rallies. I am such a hippie :D

On a completely unrelated note, Jim Sturgess and Joe Anderson are fine. ROFL

Oy vey! While looking through LJ, trying to find some Beatles icons, I came across Beatles fan fiction and Beatles slash. I love fan fiction, I love slash....but I'm very uncomfortable when it's real people. I'm all for...Harry\Draco....but Dan\Tom just gets to me, they're not fake..they're real people. Beatles slash? My inner child is crying.
Tags: across the universe, beatles, inner hippie, musings
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